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Technical features:
Sabrina mattress is composed by an internal core composed by a weave of wires, totally recyclable, that gives to the mattress a high degree of breathability, hygiene and comfort.
Both the upper and the lower layers to this interweaving are composed of Flexyfoam in very high density, which provides a stable support to the body.
One external side of the mattress is made up of shaped Memo-Gel with 7-zone drilling support system (soft side) to combine the benefits of Memoryfoam (good blood circulation) with the freshness of Gel.
On the other side, the mattress is composed of Ecoelast with 7-zone drilling support system  (firm side) suitable for people that want more rigidity and support.
From the width of 140 cm on, Sabrina mattress is made of a single cover and 2 separate foams to allow the selection of the preferred comfort by each person.
This structure allows the transpiration of the mattress; also 3D band improves transpiration and a zipper allows to remove the cover.
Silver fabric is composed with silver micro-capsules, that give anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-static properties to the mattress.
The cover is completely removable with a zipper and washable up to  60°C.

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